"Anyone who loves contemporary noir and dark crime fiction should read the Dogtown Trilogy. You owe it to yourself."                     -Denise Hamilton
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El Niño Back in Print!
Stark House Press publishes new edition of El Niño twenty-six years after first publication.  

El Niño, the book that Michael Connelly named as one of his five favorite legal thrillers, is now back in print.

First published in 1990 by Viking Press, El Niño was Mercedes Lambert's first novel. Published under her real name, Douglas Anne Munson, El Niño received critical acclaim as a smart, sexy, fast-paced, and often brilliant juxtaposition of sordid scenes and lyric flights, a novel that deals with classic themes—the loss of innocence and the search for redemption—in the very modern world of contemporary Los Angeles.

The 2016 Stark House edition comes with a forward by award-winning author and former friend Kate Braverman.

El Niño now brings all of Mercedes Lambert's books back into print.

Michael Connelly says: "I never knew Mercedes Lambert (Douglas Anne Munson) but I knew her books. I read them all and loved them all. I loved them most because in the crowded field of authors who chose Los Angeles as the place of their fiction, she was unique. She was brave. She kept her head down and wrote what she wanted to write, explored what she wanted to explore. It didn’t matter who would publish it or who would read it. These were the stories she had to tell—if only to herself. In doing so she gave us characters we hadn’t seen before and took us to places we had never known."

Jonathan Kellerman says: "Ghosttown is a noir masterpiece. One of the most evocative LA crime novels ever written."





"Dogtown and Soultown...just pure brilliant noir classics...She breaks my heart with her beautiful writing." —Ken Bruen

Dogtown, Soultown, and Ghosttown also in print.